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I am a creative/designer who uses color and images to communicate myself to the world. My work includes illustrations, branding, graphic design solutions, print design, graphic art and murals, I like to use bright and vibrant colors (depending on the occasion) combining them with striking imagery and maybe some mashups... but if we work together, you can be sure I will respect your brand, I will bring the best of our worlds to get the best the best result in your design/work.

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My Story

I started my career as a photographer showcasing photos of urban sceneries using day-by-day images in a different perspective making you have a second thought about that subject. As my style developed, my work evolved, and eventually, photography was replaced with paintings, Screenprint, and mixed media pieces with pure pop art influences, allowing him to use lots of color and expression in multiple ways.


Illustrations came along during this time where I participated during three years in comic coms around the West Coast, doing this my creativity and illustrations skills became stronger. In 2019

I began at the Davis Food Co-op, where I developed and strengthen my skills on graphic design and branding. The same year I volunteer with Graphic Design Week Sacramento, here I created connections and more freelance project came my way as the Delta King Hotel, Masala Blend, Junior League of Sacramento and Amador Wine Association.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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