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Layout has been a profound passion in my journey as a graphic designer. Rearranging text, graphics, and photos to create an alluring, cohesive design that aligns seamlessly with the theme and is effortlessly readable presents a delightful challenge. Here, you'll find a glimpse of some of my layout works, each a testament to the art of transforming content into visually compelling narratives. My goal is to create effective layouts with a balance between aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the message and user experience.


Within the realm of my layout endeavors, two projects have shone brightly: the DFC Strategic Plan and the Brand Guide. The former marked a milestone, as I collaborated closely with the Board of Directors to craft a pioneering material for the Davis Food Co-op. Drawing from the rich archives of DFC's imagery, I meticulously tailored graphics to align seamlessly with the document's core themes. As for the Brand Guide, it emerged from a joint effort with the Marketing Manager. Our aim? To educate the staff and establish a unified signage system throughout the store. These projects exemplify not just my layout skills, but also the collaborative spirit driving innovation within the DFC community.

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At the heart of the Davis Food Co-op lies a deep commitment to education. Utilizing guides and booklets as effective tools, we endeavor to enlighten shoppers on a myriad of topics, spanning from wholesome recipes to the cooperative model itself. With approximately one guide launched per month, each one delves into a specific theme. My role? To ensure these publications are not only easily digestible but also irresistibly enticing. Through captivating imagery carefully selected to reinforce the message within the text, My aim is to encourage people to grab hold of these guides and absorb their valuable content.

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Flyers and Newletters

Crafting flyers is a near-daily ritual at the Davis Food Co-op. Whether it's for our Sales Flyers or newsletters, I'm constantly seeking innovative approaches to ensure people don't just grab them, but actually take the time to read them. When I dive into layout work, my objective is twofold: to create designs that resonate with my own aesthetic sensibilities while also considering the perspective of our viewers and customers. It's about striking that perfect balance where design meets engagement, ensuring our flyers not only catch the eye but also captivate the mind.


Regularly, my focus is organizing department submissions. Following shopper preferences, the produce department leads on the first page. Then, I highlight items under $10 or with substantial  discounts.

Occasionally, with fewer submissions, I get creative by featuring upcoming events or ongoing campaigns to entice shoppers to become members.


Sometimes there is more submission in these cases, 

I reconfigure layouts

to accommodate extra products and introduce unique offerings.

On special occasions,

I incorporate something different to encourage shoppers to seize

the deals.


Each week, I compile the Digital Newsletter content into two print formats. The first is a poster size for the community board, while the second is a U.S. letter size tailored for shoppers who prefer to grab it on the go.


The Heirloom copy.jpg

U.S. Letter Size

The Heirloom Letter.jpg
The Heirloom Letter2.jpg

The Staff Newsletter holds a special place in my heart as it mirrors my own evolution as a graphic designer. From its initial state of being rigid, unappealing, and overlooked, I transformed it into something vibrant, fun, and visually captivating. This redesign resonated with employees, resulting in a significant increase in readership.

Staff Newsletter2.jpg
Staff Newsletter3.jpg
Staff Newsletter4.jpg
Staff Newsletter5.jpg

Here are additional examples showcasing my approach to arranging images and text for optimal readability: double-sided flyers, tri-fold flyers, and recipe cards.

Masala Blend Final Flyer-1.jpg
Masala Blend Final Flyer-2.jpg
Bike Flyer.jpg
Bike Flyer2.jpg
Masala Blend Recipe Cards 2022-10.jpg
Recipes template 20242.jpg
Recipes template 2024.jpg
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