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Being a part of the Davis Food Co-op has been a source of inspiration and resilience for me. Every month, a new campaign unfolds, presenting a fresh canvas for creativity. Before diving into the design process, my first task is to conceptualize graphics and imagery that not only resonate but also adapt seamlessly to a diverse array of sizes and formats. This dynamic challenge fuels my passion for crafting compelling campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Run for the Board Campaign

RFB 24 Poster.jpg

Every year, the Davis Food Co-op unveils the lively Run for the Board Campaign, extending a warm invitation to owner-members to take the reins and become indispensable members of the Board of Directors. Here's a sneak peek at the diverse materials meticulously chosen for this captivating campaign. Our arsenal included vibrant printed materials like posters, a banner, and print ads. On the digital front, we seamlessly integrated web materials such as web banners and an engaging email newsletter. Adding a dynamic touch, a video was crafted to guide owner-members through the application submission process in the campaign's final week. It's a comprehensive blend of mediums aimed at ensuring every member feels the pulse of this exciting opportunity.


Website banner

RFB 24 website.jpg

Electronic Newsletter 

RFB 24 poster Social Media.jpg

Newspaper ad 

DFC Run for the Board Ad.jpg
RFB 24 Central Banner copy.jpg

In-store Banner

RFB 24 Guide4.jpg
RFB 24 Guide3.jpg
RFB 24 Guide2.jpg
RFB 24 Guide.jpg

Guide pages


Welcome Back Students Campaign

This campaign is a testament to our endeavors to entice students from UC Davis to join as shoppers and/or owner-members. I seamlessly integrated the vibrant UC Davis colors into the graphics, creating a connection with the student community. To evoke a sense of place,

I incorporated the Davis cityscape. The campaign comprises three banners proudly displayed at the store entrance, a compelling coupon, as well as eye-catching posters and printed ads, all working in harmony to resonate with the dynamic student audience.


Welcome back Poster.jpg
Welcome back flyer-1.jpg

Flyer Front

Welcome back flyer-2.jpg

Flyer Back

2023 Welcome back coupon-1.jpg


In-Store Banners

Welcome back banners2023-1.jpg
Welcome back banners2023-2.jpg
Welcome back banners2023-3.jpg

Website Banner


Newspaper ads

CAL aggie ad web.jpg
CAL aggie ad print.jpg

Round-Up at the Registers Campaign

Round-Up at the Registers is a monthly campaign dedicated to supporting various local organizations in the community. Shoppers have the opportunity to round up their purchase totals, contributing to these impactful causes. As the printed materials are situated near the register area, I aimed for imagery that is both striking yet subtle, ensuring it catches attention without overwhelming the fast-paced environment. Our goal is to create visuals that are easy to digest, allowing for quick understanding amidst the hustle and bustle of the checkout process.


Round Up Feb2024.jpg
Round Up Feb2024 Social Media.jpg

Social Media


Round Up Feb2024 POS2.jpg

Register's Talkers

Round Up Feb2024 Registers.jpg
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