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The Delta King Case

with the Delta King I underwent a transformative two-step project to breathe new life into this iconic vessel. In the first phase, I meticulously revitalized all exterior signage, infusing a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that harmonizes seamlessly with their brand identity, and the of Old Sacramento where is currently located.

The second phase witnessed the spectacular metamorphosis of the banquets rooms lobby. Previously adorned with event-centric information and boat snapshots, I reimagined this space into a captivating haven where visitors not only glean details about upcoming events and exquisite saloons but also delve into the boat's rich and storied history.

As you stroll down Front St., the first enchanting tale the Delta King whispers to you is told through its vibrant signage, a visual overture to the wonders awaiting on its deck. Picture this:

my very first step in this grand endeavor was to dance with the brand guide colors. In a symphony of hues, I chose the bold embrace of red for the stately pillars, while the type font gracefully waltzed in a cheerful yellow.

As the narrative unfolded, the backdrop of this street-side canvas was painted in the timeless elegance of black—a choice inspired by the harmonious dance it shares with the surrounding Old Sacramento signs. And oh, the allure of contrast! The black stage sets the perfect scene, allowing the boat's pristine white silhouette to emerge as you draw near, creating a captivating visual crescendo.





Just before stepping onto the deck, you'll encounter a revamped information hub at the ramp leading to the hotel and restaurant. The box now boasts updated content sourced from their website, delivering a seamless blend of information and menus. But the makeover didn't stop there—visual appeal took center stage, creating a more inviting introduction to the culinary and lodging experiences that follow.

Beyond the information box, a once blank space now hosts a subtle mural that I also painted. Strategically placed, it adds a touch of local charm, subtly beckoning tourists to explore a bit more in this tourist-centric locale.

And then, commanding attention, the main sign stands tall. With a boost in size and a fresh application of the brand's type font,

it serves as a clear identifier, making its presence known from a distance. Approach with confidence, guided by the revamped signage to uncover the offerings that define

the Delta King experience.





Making our way to the lower deck, attention turned to the utility box. A practical suggestion unfolded—why not wrap the entire box with a detailed map of the ship? Not only does it serve as a navigational aid for wanderers, but it also replaces the mundane sight of rusty pipes with a more pleasing and informative view.





As we delved into the second phase of the project, the owner posed a thought-provoking question about infusing some fun into the saloon's lobby. I proposed a shift in focus—rather than inundating the space with wedding and event details, why not weave the captivating history of the boat into the fabric of the lobby? Drawing inspiration from the likes of the San Francisco airport museum, I highlighted the significance of showcasing the Delta King as a Sacramento Landmark.

With a collective effort, the management pooled historical photos, and the owner generously shared the ship's storied past. The result? A lobby transformed into a living canvas of the boat's rich history. The positive response was palpable, prompting the owner to take it a step further. Additional shadow boxes were strategically placed, offering a wealth of information about the saloons, making it effortlessly accessible for those intrigued by the prospect of renting them.

Not stopping there, I seized upon empty spaces, breathing life into them with enlarged vintage schedules and posters. Each addition served as a nostalgic nod, enriching the overall experience for visitors.




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