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Illustrations on Big Scale

Unveiling the essence of my illustrations in a manner that resonates with everyone is an emotion that words struggle to capture. Despite my extensive experience in the realm of illustrations, the joy of translating my creations into murals is a newfound delight. Despite the challenges that come with mural work, the process itself is deeply fulfilling, infusing my soul with a profound sense of purpose. Witnessing the metamorphosis of an empty or mundane space is an indescribable sensation—one that my clients can attest to, having experienced the same transformative emotion when they enlist my services.

Davis Food Co-op Kid's Corner

kids corner.jpg

Embarking on my inaugural mural project was an exhilarating challenge. Tasked with executing a basic design freehand, I faced the added constraint of utilizing only the brand's designated colors. Operating within a budget,

I ingeniously utilized existing on-site paint resources. With client approval, I introduced vinyl decals, seamlessly integrating them to highlight the cooperative's significance.

The inclusion of nostalgic images featuring children from their archives not only added a personal touch but also underscored the collaborative spirit of the endeavor.





Davis Food Co-op Wellness Dept. Desk

Following the success of my work on the Kid's Corner, the Marketing Manager recognized the impact and entrusted me with the redesign of the Wellness counter as part of the comprehensive rebranding initiative. For this mural, I incorporated elements from the signage I had previously designed for the department. Executing another freehand creation, I reveled in the opportunity to enhance the space with small details, transforming it into an even more inviting and engaging environment.

Wellness Wall.jpg





Davis Food Co-op Break Room

give me a break.jpg

Acknowledging my proficiency in mural art, Human Resources at the Davis Food Co-op was impressed and sought my expertise to adorn the Break Room for employees. Embracing a concept of free creativity and design, I ventured beyond the confines of the brand, aiming to create a space where employees could momentarily disconnect from their routine. Infusing a touch of humor through carefully crafted text, this one-day project turned out to be an enjoyable endeavor, offering a refreshing and distinctive ambiance within the Break Room.


gb2 copy.jpg



Davis Food Co-op 50 years Logo

At this juncture, my confidence in mural creation was firmly established, and once again, the Marketing Manager entrusted me with a significant project—bringing to life a mural featuring the 50th-anniversary logo that I had designed. Being tasked with such works is truly an honor, as they carry profound meaning and symbolize a lasting legacy.


Davis Cards & Games: VR Room Mural

cyberpunk mural copy.jpg

Venturing beyond the familiar walls of the Co-op, my first out of the Davis Food Co-op mural unfolded on a grand scale—a towering canvas stretching over 50 feet. Prompted by the Owner of Davis Cards & Games, who was launching a VR room, our paths crossed after witnessing my work at the Davis Food Co-op. Tasked with infusing a cyberpunk theme into the mural, I presented a design that now stands as a testament to this collaborative journey. Embracing the challenge, this sizable project became a proving ground for my skills and techniques as a muralist.


The Delta King Hotel Mural 


As an integral component of the exterior signage overhaul at The Delta King Hotel in Sacramento, this mural emerged from a collaborative brainstorming session with the owner. While exploring the premises for fresh ideas, I identified an untapped canvas on the back of a poster box designated for general information about the hotel and restaurant. Recognizing this space as an opportunity to forge a connection with the audience and infuse vibrancy into a high-traffic tourist area, I envisioned a colorful addition that would captivate and enhance the overall brand experience.




Wide Open Walls: Tahoe Elementary School Mural

Participating in the expansive mural festival, Wide Open Walls, scheduled for May, I received a special invitation to contribute my artistic touch to an elementary school as part of the event's initiative to inspire and engage children in the world of illustration and mural painting. Despite the short notice, I crafted a compelling visual narrative by employing photos with a semi-threshold effect. Infusing the images with high contrast, I purposefully included representations of kids from diverse minority groups, instilling the mural with a sense of optimism and a forward-looking perspective towards the future.


Autumn Garden Bench Mural

Bench 1.jpg

Named "Autumn Garden," this mural serves as a heartfelt tribute to those navigating the challenges of mental health. During a period of high anxiety, unbeknownst to me at the time, the creation of this mural coincided with a moment of personal crisis. It encapsulates the pivotal realization that prompted me to vocalize, "I need help," lifting a significant burden from my shoulders. This transformative experience highlighted the power of reshaping reality within the confines of one's mind and cultivating a belief in the support of a nurturing community. This marked the initiation of my personal blooming process, embracing authenticity. Just as every flower blooms in its own time, without haste, this mural reflects resilience—a source of brightness and radiance, even on the rainiest days.




Screenshot_20221130-222205_Instagram-02 (1).jpeg

Davis Food Co-op Customer Service Desk

Shopping Bag.png

This mural was commissioned to breathe new life into the customer service desk at the Davis Food Co-op. Among three proposals, the General Manager selected the design featuring a shopping bag adorned with vibrant vegetables and fruits—a choice perfectly harmonizing with the surroundings. My gratitude towards the Davis Food Co-op knows no bounds, as they not only provided me with the chance to evolve as a muralist but also believed in my artistic vision, allowing me to embellish and enrich their walls.



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